We have a host of programs and sub-organizations that pertain to certain demographics. Here are the most popular.

What About YOUth Initiative

The What About YOUth (W.A.Y.) Initiative, created in 2013, is a mentoring program for students in Pre-K through 12th grade. The W.A.Y. Initiative participants will also be members of the prestigious Peace Troopers: A Youth Partnership with Law Enforcement Mentoring Program, which has been in establishment since 1996. 

The W.A.Y. Initiative was created to address the growing needs of the community, especially regarding young people in today's society. Meeting once a month, the participants in the W.A.Y. Initiative will participate in a workshop setting to discuss various issues, such as youth and gang violence, education, college preparedness, entrepreneurship, etiquette, physical and mental health, conflict resolution, media and arts-based education, and building a relationship with the law enforcement.



F.A.C.E.S., which stands for Facing Attitudes Concerning Educational Spirits, is an academic program specifically geared towards young people in Pre-K through 5th grade. This program, created in 1995, currently runs in conjunction with the What About YOUth Initiative.

F.A.C.E.S. aims to combine arts and crafts, performing arts, and other creative outlets with nonviolent and character education. Through the younger students, we are able to curtail violence by allowing them to understand its effects with the use of fictional and nonfictional characters, fictional and nonfictional scenarios, and ethical/moral problem solving.

EMBRACE Magazine

EMBRACE Magazine was created to discuss important issues that effect our communities from health and education to sports and cultural/international events. It hopes to inform and inspire its readers through engagement. 

EMBRACE Magazine also has an online/vlog component, which includes interviews, footage of trips and events, etc. There is strong encouragement for submissions from youth authors.

Actors, Artists, and Athletes Against Violence

Actors, Artists, & Athletes Against Violence, also known as 4AV, is a sub-organization geared at allowing public figures to interact with the organization through outreach, programming, and service.

4AV was established in 1995 and through this program, we have connected with a variety of actors, artists, and athletes from Boyz II Men, Lil' Bow Wow, former NFL player and Congressman John Runyan, and an exceptional list of others. 

We often invite the actors, artists, and athletes under this program to speak to youth, be special guests at conferences, and to be honored at our award ceremonies.


Ministerial Council

With every movement, there was a faith component. Our organization is no different. With the Ministerial Council, we ask leaders of all faiths to join together, meet, discuss national and international issues, and plan events with a faith core.