NSTVA Nonviolence Pledge

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong.” -- Mohandas Gandhi

NSTVA Nonviolence Pledge

I, (your name), pledge...

1. To respect myself, my family, my school, my community, and others through my words and actions; 
2. To not bring a weapon or drugs into my home, my school, or my community;
3. To think before I act or react because my actions could be hurtful to me or to others;
4. To listen attentively to one another, including those whom I disagree with, such as my parents, my teachers, and other trusted adults;
5. To not use weapons, words, or inflict bodily harm to someone over a dispute or disagreement;
6. To sit down and discuss my feelings with another as brothers and sisters or seek help from someone I trust if I cannot do it on my own;
7. To apologize when I have hurt someone’s feelings and to forgive others when they have hurt mine;
8. To stand up for those who are not treated fairly even if I have to stand up alone when it is not popular;
9. To value different colors, religions, creeds, and genders, and I will not bully or cause harm because they are different;
10. To not become a bully or cyberbully, and to report bullying or cyberbullying when I see it;
11. If I see a gun, to stop, don’t touch it, move, and tell a trusted adult or law enforcement officer or call 911.

I pledge to be free of violence and victimization.

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